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Erling and Helen Aarthun

Husband's Full Name: Erling Aarthun

Husband's Place of Birth: Absarokee, MT

Husband's Father's Name: John Aarthun

Husband's Mother's Name: Gertrude Anderson Aarthun

Husband's Siblings' Names: Gabriel, Martin, Bernhard

Wife's Full Name: Helen Wilberg Aarthun

Children's Names: Janice, Daniel, David, Ruth

Erling Aarthun was born at Absarokee, Montana, on November 16, 1918 to the late Rev. John Aarthun and Gertrude Anderson Aarthun. He was baptized and confirmed in the Christian faith by his father. At the age of four he moved with his parents to Lignite, ND, where he completed his elementary and secondary school training. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia College and taught in public high schools for two years. On June 30, 1945 he was united in marriage to Miss Helen Wilberg of Trail, Minnesota, a fellow graduate of Concordia. He was graduated from Luther Theological Seminary on September 17, 1945. He accepted the Call of the Bowdon Lutheran Parish of Bowdon, ND in the fall of 1945 and was ordained on September 23, 1945 at the Harvey Circuit convention in Fessenden, ND. He served as Pastor of Vang Lutheran Church from 1945 until 1950. He passed away in 1973. The couple had four children. Janice (Pastor Chris Hallanger) lives in Hatton, ND. Daniel is a Capitol Project Manager for the state of Washington and lives in Olympia. He sings with the Seattle Opera Company. David is the 3rd child in the family. Ruth Ann Aarthun Syverson, the youngest in the family, teaches third grade in Billings, Montana.

Taken 1970

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