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Stener and Bergette Aasand

Bergette Aasand standing next to their home in Manfred

Stener Aasand

Husband's Full Name: Stener Stenerson Aasand

Husband's Place of Birth: Feøvold, Eggedal, Sigdahl. Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Stener Stenersen Aasand

Husband's Mother's Name:  Anne Pedersdatter Frøvold

Husband's Siblings' Names:  Peder, Anne, Sigrid, Lars, Helga, Knut, Gunbjørn, Ole, Berit, John, Helga, Anton

Wife's Full Name: Bergette Sorenson Aasand

Wife's Place of Birth: Nesna, Nordland, Norway

Wife's Father's Name: Lars Sorrenson

Wife's Mother's Name: Kari Larsdatter Kjortvedt

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Benjamin Sorenson, Knud Sorenson, Sophie Sorenson, Mrs. John Ryder, Alette Sorenson

Bergette Aasand’s next of kin listed at her death was K. E. Nelson

He was also from Eggedal, Sigdahl, Norway

Children's Names:  none (foster child Edwin S. Sorenson)

Stener, also spelled Steiner, was known as S.S. Aasand.  He immigrated from Norway in 1892 and homesteaded at Manfred.  In 1908, upon the death of his friend Ben Sorenson, Stener suddenly found himself executor of Ben’s estate, in the hardware business, and responsible for Ben’s young son Edwin. 

Ben Sorenson’s wife Maggie died a year earlier, in 1907.  Stener’s bride, Bergette, who was Ben’s sister, arrived from Norway in 1908 and they were married in January of 1909.  Steiner and Bergette then raised Ben and Maggie’s eight-year-old son, Edwin. 

The business property was sold in 1911 to Jacob Klev.  Later when Stener’s brother Anton became the owner of the store, Stener again found himself in the hardware business, helping to run this store with his brother Anton.


For more information on the Aasands see the May 2005 issue of the Manfred News page 7.

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