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Calvin and Beatrice Bender

Husband's Full Name:  Calvin Bender

Husband's Place of Birth:  Martin, North Dakota

Husband's Father's Name: John Bender

Husband's Mother's Name: Maggdelina Heckenlaible

Husband's Siblings' Names: John, Emil, Peter, Anna George, Edwin, Emma, Ida, Alfred, Eugena, Lillie, Calvin

Wife's Full Name:  Beatrice Haugen

Wife's Place of Birth:  South of Wellsburg, North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  Alfred Haugen

Wife's Mother's Name:  Mary Roble

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Maurice and Hadley Haugen

Children's Names: Bonnie, Duane, Claudia

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Calvin Bender and Beatrice Haugen were united in marriage on March 2, 1942 at the First Lutheran Church, Harvey. Calvin was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Bender of Martin. He attended the Martin School and also graduated from the Martin High School.


Beatrice is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Haugen from east of Harvey. She attended grades through the eighth grade at the country school near her family home. After that, she attended high school in Harvey and graduated from there.


After the marriage, Calvin and Beatrice lived in Martin one year, and then moved to the T. K. Haugen farm south of Manfred. While living on the farm, they had three children, Bonnie, Duane, and Claudia. In 1959, they moved to Harvey because of the illness of Calvin.


Bonnie then attended the Harvey High School and graduated in 1961. After graduation, she went to Jack's Beauty College of Bismarck, where she met Russell Morris of Bismarck. They were married in the Harvey St. Cecilia's Church on July 27, 1963. They now have four children, Jeffrey, Daniel, Samuel, and Teresa. Bonnie's husband Russell was in the real estate business in the Bismarck area. They later divorced and moved to Arizona.  Russell passed away in 2011.

Duane attended grade school and high school in Harvey. He was on the football team and basketball team. He graduated from high school in 1968; he then went on to college at Minot State for three years. He then relocated to Williston. Duane managed the Coyote Lanes and the Cedar Terrace Health Center. He also managed the Vets Club in Harvey.  Duane passed away in 1997.


Claudia attended grade school and high school at Harvey. She graduated in 1974. Then, on March 29, 1975, Claudia married Ronald Isaak of Drake. They now live south of Drake, where they are engaged in farming. Ron and Claudia have two children, Jennifer and Jason.


In 1979, Calvin had suffered from a serious stroke which had placed him in the Harvey Nursing Home. He was a patient there until his death on March 17, 1981. 


In 2002 Beatrice moved to Bismarck for health reasons.  She passed away in 2003. 

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