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Gerhart M. and Geoline Christensen

Husband's Full Name:  Gerhart M. Christensen

Husband's Place of Birth:  Copenhagen, Denmark

Husband's Father's Name: Christensen

Husband's Mother's Name: unknown

Husband's Siblings' Names: unknown

Wife's Full Name:  Geoline Flolo

Wife's Place of Birth:  Minnesota, USA

Wife's Father's Name:  Ole O. Flolo

Wife's Mother's Name:  Gunhild Espeseth

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Ole Flolo, Knut Flolo, Carl Flolo, Anne Flolo, Ida Flolo, Louise Flolo, Alfred Flolo, Martin Flolo, Gerhard Flolo, Ingvald Flolo

Children's Names: Fern, Genevieve, Harriet, Woodrow and Gladys

Christianson, Gladys b 1926 in Manfred.j

Gerhard immigrated to America from Denmark as an infant in 1888. Gerhart and Geoline were married about 1910 in Minnesota. They came to Kongsberg, McHenry County, North Dakota the summer of 1917 where he ran the Rogers Lumberyard at Kongsberg. This town was first named Olivia, but because of confusion of similar names, the town name was changed to Kongsberg in 1916. 


G. M. Christiansen was the manager of the Manfred Roger’s Lumberyard from 1924 - 1932.  From Manfred they moved to Knox, Benson County, North Dakota. 


They were active at Vang Lutheran Church in Manfred and she was a member of the Manfred Homemakers Club. 


Gerhard died in September 1962 in Maddock; she lived until September 1991. 

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