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State Bank of Manfred

Manfred Post Office

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1905 - T.L. Beiseker had interests in several banks in North Dakota and built this building, which served as the State Bank of Manfred. Sofus Ongstad is standing by the building, he was the first clerk. Beiseker was known as Wells County's first millionaire. The bank was closed in 1919. The building was used as office space for several years following the bank closing. 

1944 - Oscar Ongstad bought the building when we was appointed postmaster. He retired in 1962. At that time Marlys Koenig became acting postmaster and in 1964 Edgar A. Flick was appointed postmaster. He remained in that position until the post office closed in October 1992. Edgar is a descendent of T.K. Rogne, the first postmaster of Manfred. 

2002 - The building was bought from Edgar and Jeanne Flick by Wanda and Richard Melchert who later gave the property to MHP, Inc.. 

2003 - The interior was renovated and painted.

2003 - The color guard was present for the dedication of the Bank/Post Office Building as part of the museum complex. 

2003-2005 - The Bank/Post Office housed pictorial displays containing pictures of businesses, school children, early Manfred, and early businesses. 

2011 - New windows were installed to look like the original windows and basement vents were added. 

2016 - The building was re-roofed with tin. 

Future Plans: 

Rebuild the front steps

Remove the interior false walls and ceiling and restore the original

Restore the old flooring, most of which is present

Reinstall original interior molding

Install the commercial history of Manfred exhibit

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