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John and Anna Langseth

Husband's Full Name:  Johnan Mikkelson Langseth

Husband's Place of Birth:  Stange, Hedemarken, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Mikkel Mikkelsen Langseth

Husband's Mother's Name: Lovise Larsdatter Raavangen Langseth

Husband's Siblings' Names: Lina, Anton, Peter, Pauline, Johnan,

Mikkel, Martinus, Lars

Wife's Full Name:  Anna Clauson

Wife's Place of Birth:  Pelican Rapids, MN

Wife's Father's Name:  Ole Clauson

Wife's Mother's Name:  Maren Gunhild Anderson Clauson

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Ida, Morgan, Olivia, Karl, Taylor, Esther

Children's Names: Agnes (Elmer Vargason), Joel (Borghild C. Samson),

Ernest (Sigrid Jevne), Alvin (Evelyn Quam), Morris


Langseth, Anna_Johanwedding.jpg

Pastor John M. Langseth arrived in Manfred in 1908 in a boxcar, loaded with three black buggy horses, a second hand buggy and a cord of wood for fuel. His wife and their two children, Agnes and Joel came by coach (Joel was a babe in arms). O.K. Melby met the Pastor and his family at the depot. They stayed with him a week while Langseth was getting organized in the parsonage. Pastor Langseth had been a pastor for two years at Tasston, Minn. but decided to go back to the Seminary to learn how to preach in English. Meanwhile his wife, Anna Clauson Langseth, was expecting, so she remained at the home farm north of Pelican Rapids, and Joel was born. Having learned some English and forgotten some Norwegian, Langseth returned to Pelican Rapids, claimed his son Joel and daughter Agnes and took off for Manfred.


With the aid of his three horses and his second hand buggy, Pastor Langseth served two country congregations and two town congregations, namely: East Vang (north of Fessenden), Stavanger (north of Cathay), Bethany (Wellsberg), and Vang (Manfred).


In 1917, Langseth bought his first Model T Ford. However, roads were undeveloped and he used it very little. He wore out about three teams of horses and had Jens Renden put many new runners under his cutter!


John Langseth served those four parishes for 34 years retiring in 1943. He witnessed a lot of progress in growth of churches and also in Manfred Township. Langseth served on the School Board and was active in community affairs. He is remembered singing songs at the "Community Club" (meeting held above old C.C. Melby's Store).


Langseth's family grew. They added three more sons to their family - Ernest, Alvin and Morris. Langseth lived his last years with Ernest on the farm. He is buried in the Grove Lake Cemetery with a marker that reads: "For me to live is Christ and to die, is gain." He passed away April 19, 1955.


Source:  Growing With Pride


For more Langseth information, refer to The New Manfred News, June 2006, Volume 6, Issue 2, which can be found on this website under the tab “newsletters”.

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