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Gordon and Christy Anderson

Husband's Full Name: Gordon Clifford Anderson

Husband's Place of Birth: Manfred, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Olaf Anderson

Husband's Mother's Name: Caroline (Lena) Melby

Husband's Siblings' Names: Clayton, Alice Smith, Orvin

Wife's Full Name: Christine Ostrem Anderson

Wife's Place of Birth: Tioga, ND

Wife's Father's Name: Even Ostrem

Wife's Mother's Name: Kjersti Heen Ostrem

Wife's Siblings' Names: Ivan, Lars, Bertha Satterlee, Henry, Theodore, Evelyn Fisher, Arnt, Ingrid Reinholt, Ivar

Children's Names: Rodney, Robert, Darlene [Bill Quinette],and Sandy [Bill Krebbs]

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Golden Anniversary - 1985

Christy was born to Norwegian immigrants Even and Kjersti Ostrem on the family farm south of Tioga. She attended country school in Williams County and graduated from eighth grade there. In 1929 the Ostrem family moved to Manfred.  Christy stayed and worked in the Tioga and Russo area. In 1930, she joined her family in Manfred. 


She enjoyed church functions and dancing at the Sons of Norway Hall. It was at one of those dances she met Gordon Anderson.  She said he looked like a movie star!  Christy and Gordon were married in Minot in 1935.


They lived in Manfred where two children were born, Darlene and Rodney. In 1943, the family moved to Harvey where Gordon worked for the Soo Line Railroad as a brakeman and conductor. Two more children were born, Robert and Sandra. In 1966, Gordon suffered a stroke and was confined to a wheelchair. Christy was his caregiver until his death in 1992.


Christy was a loving and patient wife, mother, grandmother and friend. She taught by example. Most of her friends called her an angel. She was always there to help in a time of need. She enjoyed to the fullest the times spent with family and the many games of Shanghai. 


Christy was a member of the Vang Lutheran Church of Manfred and 1st Lutheran Church of Harvey. Christy was faithful to her Lord in quiet and simple ways.  She passed away on April 18, 2010. Gordon’s parents were also of Norwegian descent and lived in Manfred. He sold cars and had a livery. Lena was known for her beautiful flowers and was a master in the kitchen.

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