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Mathew and Emelia Anhorn

Husband's Full Name: Mathew Anhorn

Husband's Place of Birth: South Russia; 

Immigrated 1894 to Manfred, North Dakota

Husband's Father's Name: Johannes Anhorn

Husband's Mother's Name: Christina Statel

Husband's Siblings' Names: John, Fred, Gottlieb, Christina, Chris, Othelia

Wife's Full Name:  Emelia  Hannemann

Wife's Place of Birth:  Tarutino, South Russia

Wife's Father's Name:  Michael Hannemann

Wife's Mother's Name:  Susanna Hannemann

Wife's Siblings' Names:  unknown

Children's Names: Alvina (John Heitmann); Elda (Harold Heitmann), and Gertrude Anhorn

Anhorn, Mathew and Emelia.jpg

Mathew and Emelia with daughters Alvina, Elda and Gertrude

Mathew Anhorn was born December 27, 1885, in South Russia. He came with his parents to Manfred Township in 1894. He lived with his parents there until he purchased a farm in Forward Township, nine miles southeast of Harvey. Mathew Anhorn and Emelia Hannemann were married on December 15, 1907.


Emelia was born on September 18, 1887, in Tarutino, South Russia; she came to America in 1893 and lived 14 miles south of Harvey.  Mathew and Emelia Anhorn’s daughters were named Alvina, Elda and Gertrude. Mathew and Emelia lived on the farm that Mathew had purchased; they raised grain and cattle and owned a threshing rig.  The threshing rig was run in both Forward and Rusland Townships. Each year, Mathew hired 23 to 25 men to run the threshing rig, and two women to feed them from a cook car; they moved from farm to farm. It was an interesting experience to be involved in threshing grain.  The men usually slept in the haymow. Horse-trading was a hobby of Mathew; he brought home some lovely colts for his three daughters. When the girls were quite young, the Anhorns decided to move to Harvey as there was no school in the district where they lived.

 Source:  Growing With Pride.

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