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Anton and Bertha Antonson

Husband's Full Name:  Anton Antonson

Husband's Place of Birth:  Hedmark, Norway

Husband's Father's Name:

Husband's Mother's Name:

Husband's Siblings' Names:

Wife's Full Name:  Bertha Antonson

Wife's Place of Birth: 

Wife's Father's Name: 

Wife's Mother's Name: 

Wife's Siblings' Names: 

Children's Names: Allen Antonson

Antonson, Anton and Bertha 1.jpg

ca. 1917

Anton worked with Jens Renden at the Blacksmith Shop. Anton lived in Manfred at the time the 1915 census was taken.  When he registered for WWI, in 1917 he listed that he was supporting a wife and child.

Anton Antonson and Jens Renden.  The little girl is no doubt one of Jens Renden’s daughters.

Antonson, Anton and Bertha 2.jpg
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