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Johnson-Jacobson-Ostrem House

Johnson-Ostrem-Jacobson House 1.jpg

1906 - Nennie Johnson built the home on the right for his family. Additions to the house were added after this initial building was built.

1907 - Sold to Rasmus and Maggie Jacobson.

1917 - Sold to John and Emma Nelson. Stayed in Nelson Family for 35 years.

Johnson-Ostrem-Jacobson House 2.jpg

1942 - Purchased by Lars Ostrem. The picture at left is from the 1950s when the Ostrems occupied it.

1987 - Last year as residence.

Johnson-Ostrem-Jacobson House 3.jpg

2004 - Ostrem family gathered for fellowship prior to beginning the restoration project. 

Johnson-Ostrem-Jacobson House 4.jpg

2004 - Restoration begins with new roofing.


2006 - New porches installed and front columns restored.


2012 - Installed lath and hardwood flooring where missing. 

2015 - Ceiling panels painted and installed.


2016 - Exterior of house painted. This is an ongoing project.


2019- Cleaning out and restoration of garage.

Future Plans:

Finishing interior and exterior painting

Plaster interior

Install home exhibit 

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