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Charles and Katharina Bartsch

Husband's Full Name:  Charles Bartsch

Husband's Place of Birth:  Germany

Husband's Father's Name:

Husband's Mother's Name:

Husband's Siblings' Names:

Wife's Full Name:  Katharina

Wife's Place of Birth:  Germany

Wife's Father's Name: 

Wife's Mother's Name: 

Wife's Siblings' Names: 

Children's Names: Six Children – names unknown

Charles and Katharina Bartsch lived in rural Manfred. They came to Wells County in 1887. Six children were born to them. Katharina was a true mother and helpmate in the early pioneer days, according to an article written in the county paper. Mrs. Bartsch died suddenly at the age of 57 of a heart disease in 1908. She was laid to rest in the cemetery just south and west of Manfred, known as the Manfred Township Cemetery.


Pastor Fredrich Helm of Harvey conducted the services. Pastor Helm was a Lutheran church pastor. He traveled by horse and buggy, sleigh or by horseback to preach. Many services were held in the homes and schoolhouses. Many funerals were also held in the homes. 


Although the Charles and Katharina Bartsch are recorded in the 1900 Manfred Census, Charles is not listed on the 1910 census (and Katherina had died). 


Charles, aka Christ Bartsch, born in October 1843, is identified as owner of his farm.  He immigrated to the USA in 1861 from Germany.  Katharina, aka Kari, was born in October 1849 in Germany. The 1900 Census of the James River Precinct identifies 6 children, 5 living in 1900. 

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