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Martin and Olga Bendickson

Husband's Full Name: Martin Alfred Bendickson

Husband's Place of Birth: Marshfield, Wisconsin

Husband's Father's Name:  Knut Bendickson

Husband's Mother's Name:  Astrid Tollefson

Husband's Siblings' Names: Thorwald, Mary

Wife's Full Name: Olga Mary Lunde

Wife's Place of Birth: Lillehammer, Norway

Wife's Father's Name: Ingvald Lund

Wife's Mother's Name: Kristine Olsdatter

Wife's Siblings' Names: Martha Lunde

Children's Names: Adeline, Helen, Marvin, Florence, Fern, Glen, Joanne, Lucille, Donna, Bernice (1918-1921)

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Martin Alfred Bendickson was born August 16, 1880 at Marshfield, Wisconsin. On December 18, 1917 he married Olga Mary Lunde, who was born November 10, 1899 in Lillehammer, Norway. They had seven daughters and two sons:

Adeline Clara, born July 31, 1920 at Manfred, married Gordon Hendrickson.

Helen Bernice, born February 7, 1922 at Manfred, married Alvin Springer.

Marvin Orville was born November 4, 1924 at Manfred

Florence Lillian, born December 27, 1926 at Manfred, married Arthur D. Schimke.

Fern Christine, born November 26, 1928 at Manfred, married Arthur Heisler.

Glen Martin was born March 14, 1931 at Manfred.

Joanne Elaine, born June 9, 1933 at Manfred, married Milfred Telehey.

Lucille Yvonne, born July 19, 1935 at Manfred married Willard Schuler.

Donna Jean, born September 4, 1941 at Manfred, married Larry Riba. 


Source: “Growing with Pride”


Manfred News - March 17, 1938 - Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bendickson rented the Emil Pepple farm and will move there soon.

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Bendickson Home, West of Manfred

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