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Issac L and Gina Berge

Husband's Full Name:  Issac L. Berge

Husband's Place of Birth:  Forest City, Iowa

Husband's Father's Name: Lars Anderson

Husband's Mother's Name: Kerstine Gurine

Husband's Siblings' Names: Peter and Lauritz Berge

Wife's Full Name:  Gina Maria Arnston

Wife's Place of Birth:  Blackhammer, Minnesota

Wife's Father's Name:  Halvor Arnston

Wife's Mother's Name:  Guro Rask Arnston

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Sigrid Quarve and Christian Arnston

Children's Names: one foster daughter Mrs. Osten Kvaalen

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In 1900, Issac and Gina were married in Fessenden, ND.  They then moved to Manfred, ND where he had a grain elevator and managed the hardware store owned by Timan Quarve. T. L Quarve was married to Gina’s sister Sigrid. The store was located in the lot known as the triangle, just south of the church. They are listed on the 1900 Census of the James River Precinct along with other people who then lived in Manfred.


Issac was also the second postmaster in Manfred; this was in the year 1900. The hardware store changed hands in 1902. 


From Manfred, the Berge’s moved to Fessenden staying there for a couple of years. Then they moved to Velva, and lived in Velva for 15 years and proved up a homestead in McLean County. Isaac was one of the church founders in Velva. Issac developed the Berge Grain Elevator Company with elevators in Velva, Ruso, Max, Parshall, Butte, Elgin, Golden Valley, and Mercer. Eight years of depression and draught, however, was too much.  In 1938 he lost his entire company – eight elevators across North Dakota. In 1922 they were living in Bismarck, and later they moved to Minneapolis. 

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