Melvin and Theresa Bergh

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Husband's Full Name: Melvin Bergh

Husband's Place of Birth: North Dakota

Husband's Father's Name: Soren Bergh

Husband's Mother's Name: Marie S. Olsen

Husband's Siblings' Names: Alvie, Clara,

     Sigurd, Mabel, Signe, Julia and Henry

Wife's Full Name: Theresa (Dovre) Bergh

Wife's Place of Birth: Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Wife's Father's Name: Knute Olson Dovre

Wife's Mother's Name: Mathilda Opdahl Dovre

Wife's Siblings' Names: Erling, Conrad, Clifford

Children's Names: Judith (Bergh) Crowley, Jon Melvin Bergh





Theresa Dovre is the youngest of the Knute Dovre/Mathilda Opdahl family. She was raised in Manfred.  They lived in the 

La Grand Addition of town.  Theresa’s mother Mathilda was a sister of Ed Opdahl.   


Theresa and Melvin were married on August 25, 1944.  They lived in Detroit Lakes, MN. Melvin passed in 2010 and Theresa followed in 2011.