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Otto and Petronella Bergsgaard

Husband's Full Name:  Otto L. Bergsgaard

Husband's Place of Birth:  Odnes, Sondreland, Prestegield, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Lars Olsen Bergsgaard

Husband's Mother's Name: Agnette Andersdatter Tranby Bergsgaard

Husband's Siblings' Names: Gunda (Nels Nelson); Johan, Aagot, Cecilia (Albert Sundet)

Wife's Full Name:  Petronella Ovidia Langlie Bergsgaard

Wife's Place of Birth:  Mo I Rana, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Peder Olsen Langlie

Wife's Mother's Name:  Dorthea Jakobia Olsdatter

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Konrad, Bjarne, and Olaf Langlie

Children's Names: Lloyd (Alma Below), Randall (Hazel Berghagen), Woodrow (Dorothy Aas (div), Agnetta (Donald Buckman)

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Otto Bergsgaard’s family immigrated to the US in 1885. All of Lars and Agnette Bergsgaard’s children except Laura were born in Norway.


After four years in Spring Grove, MN, Otto’s father Lars filed a homestead in the Viking, ND community and most of the family (except Peder, the oldest son) moved there in 1889.


Otto worked on his father’s farm until he was married to Petronella Ovidia Langlie on August 13, 1911 in the South Viking Church.  Shortly afterwards, they moved to Heimdal, ND, where he took his two horses and began a dray business, and finally opened a butcher shop. About 1925 they moved to Manfred, ND, where he managed a grain elevator until the depression and all the grain elevators were closed. From there the family moved to Barnesville, MN, then Nome, ND, where he had another butcher shop.


Otto and Petronella lived in Valley City, ND from 1935-1943, and then moved to Portland, OR to work in the shipyards.  Both Otto and Petronella died in 1962 in Portland. They were returned to the South Viking Church and Cemetery for burial.


Petronella Ovidia Langlie was born 2/16/1892 in MoI Ranen, Norway. At age 17 she came to the United States.

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