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Oliver and Agnes Berve

Husband's Full Name: Oliver Berve

Husband's Place of Birth: Buxton, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Ole Berve

Husband's Mother's Name: Anna Berve

Husband's Siblings' Names: Jonas, Hannah Ramsfield, Cecilia, Olga, Egert, Olida Ravnaas, Eilert, Casper

Wife's Full Name: Agnes Hagen Berve

Wife's Place of Birth:  Hawley, Clay, Minnesota

Wife's Father's Name: Syvert Hagen

Wife's Mother's Name: Susanne Helene Solem

Wife's Siblings' Names: Mathilda, Hannah, Selma, Mabel, Morris, Lester, Nora, Orville, Leland

Berve, Oliver and Agnes 1.jpg

Brothers Eilert and Oliver Berve

Mr. Berve was born November 26, 1894 at Buxton. In 1895 he came with his parents to a farm in Fram Township, Wells County. He married Agnes Hagen December 6, 1948 at Harvey. They farmed northwest of Fessenden until 1959, when they retired.  Then they moved to Harvey where they since have lived. Mr. Berve was president for many years of the Bethel Lutheran Church Council.

The funeral was Saturday, November 1980, at the Bethel Lutheran Church, rural Manfred, burial in the church cemetery.Survivors include his wife and several nieces and nephews.  (source - obituary)

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