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Matt and Jerret

Husband's Full Name:  Mathew B. Biever, Jr.

Husband's Place of Birth:  Manfred, North Dakota

Husband's Father's Name: Mathew Biever

Husband's Mother's Name: Elizabeth Schneider Biever

Husband's Siblings' Names: Joseph Biever, Anna Jenny, Albert Biever, Ella Biever, Frank Biever, Josie Breyer

Wife's Full Name:  Jerret J. Hollar

Wife's Place of Birth:  North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  Isreal Jackson Hollar

Wife's Mother's Name:  Cora Lee Zirkle

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Annie, Charles, Jack, Ollie, Rosebud, Sallie, Tesse (1) Gustav Goedecke, (2) Henry McBain

Child's Name:  Orris Biever

Mrs. (Jerret) Biever was the postmistress in Manfred starting her career in April 1925 and continued until 1944. Matt ran the gas station – most likely located on main street in Manfred. There was a gas station on Block 3, Lot 6 (east of where the Bank was located) during the time period.


Math was born in 1894; Jerret was born in 1899. They were married April 30, 1917 in Fessenden.

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