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Harley and Lydia Boese

Husband's Full Name: Harley Boese

Husband's Place of Birth: Rural Manfred, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Louis Walter Boese

Husband's Mother's Name: Ella Mennegar Boese

Husband's Siblings' Names: Richard, Raymond, Mildred Soiseth

Ervin, Louella Harrison Oglesby, Violet Kittleson, Wesley

Wife's Full Name: Lydia Stolz Boese

Wife's Place of Birth: Anamoose, ND

Wife's Father's Name: Michael Stolz

Wife's Mother's Name: Sophie Kiemele Stolz

Wife's Siblings' Names: Aisenbrey, Michael, Carrie, Rose, John, Jack, Martha Hurley, Fred, Edwin

Children's Names: Marlys Piatz, Donna Foster, James, Merlyn, David

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Harley Boese, son of Louis W. and Ella Mennegar Boese, was born October 24, 1911 at Manfred and grew to manhood in this community. He married Lydia Stolz on March 22, 1936. Lydia, the daughter of Michael and Sophie Kiemele Stolz, was born April 1, 1913 in Anamoose.


Harley and Lydia were engaged in farming and in 1942 a gas explosion caused a serious compound leg fracture which hospitalized Harley for many months in Harvey and Rochester, Minnesota. Harley sold his farming interests and operated a gas station in Manfred. Experiencing more health problems, Harley was forced to sell the station. After a year of more hospitalization, Harley started a shoe repair shop, which he could do while on crutches. This business was enlarged to have a lunch counter. Lydia baked and served homemade pastries and sandwiches. As Harley's health improved they continued to enlarge their business by moving into a larger building formerly owned by Martin Melby, which had been the Ford Garage in Manfred. Many changes were needed to complete this building to contain a restaurant, bar and their residence. This business was sold in 1953 to Jake and Evelyn Schlenker.


Harley was employed for a year at the Farmers Union Elevator of Manfred. At this time he decided to farm again. They bought the Jacob Helland farm one mile north of Manfred. Harley raised turkeys and his flock grew to be 12,000 by the time they retired from farming in 1960. Harley and Lydia were employed for five years at the Cooke Hotel in Harvey.


In 1965, they moved to Miles City, Montana where they were employed by the State of Montana at the Pine Hills School. They were house parents to boys in a corrective institution for eleven years. After retirement they moved to Harvey where they now reside. (both have passed away since this article was written)


Five children were born to Harley and Lydia. Marlys Piatz resides in Harvey. Donna Foster and Merlyn (Butch) Boese live in St. Paul area, and David is at Miles City, Montana. A son, James, passed away in 1942, at the age of seven weeks.


Source - Growing with Pride

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