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Louis and Ella Boese

Husband's Full Name: Louis Boese

Husband's Place of Birth: Odessa, Russia

Husband's Father's Name: Gustav Boese

Husband's Mother's Name: Augusta Poelke 

Husband's Siblings' Names: Arthur, Hugo, Leo, baby (deceased)

Wife's Full Name: Ella Mennegar

Wife's Place of Birth: Humphrey, Platt Co, NE

Wife's Father's Name: Richard M. Mennegar

Wife's Mother's Name:Amelia Schriman

Wife's Siblings' Names: Willie, Ben, Eddie, Emma, Roy, Louisa, Eva, Leo

Children's Names: Richard, Raymond, Harley, Mildred Soiseth, Ervin, Louella Harrison Oglesby, Violet Kittelson, Wesley Boese

Boese, Lousi and Ella 1.jpg

Louis Boese, son of Gustav Boese, was born in 1884 in East Prussia. He came to Manfred Township in 1893 from Madison, SD. As a teenager he went to Washington. In 1906 he married Ella Mennegar.


Louis and Ella Boese were the parents of eight children: Richard and Harley of Harvey, Ray of Miles City, Montana, Mildred Soiseth of Kenmare, Ervin and Wesley of Manfred, Louella Harrison Oglesby of Garrison, and Violet Kittelson.


Later in life he came back to Manfred farming south of Manfred. In 1915, when his father Gustav moved to California, Louis moved on the homestead farm southwest of Manfred in Section 32.  His father, Gustav, homesteaded this.


He enjoyed music and was a member of Manfred Cornet Band.


Growing with Pride (adapted with family information)

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