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Dr. Peter A and Manda Boyum

Husband's Full Name: Peter Arndt Boyum

Husband's Place of Birth: Fillmore County, MN

Husband's Father's Name: Arne E. Boyum

Husband's Mother's Name:  Anne Iverson Suphellan Boyum

Husband's Siblings' Names: Iver, Eling, Berthe, Ole, John, Erick, Andrew, Ellen, Martin, Jorgine, Eddie, Julia, Maria

Wife's Full Name: Manda Martinson Boyum

Wife's Place of Birth: Clay Co, MN

Wife's Father's Name: Sven Martinson

Wife's Mother's Name: Thea Brenna

Wife's Siblings' Names: Lydia, Alida, Calma, Chester, Milo, Ernest, Tilford, Alvin

Children's Names: Arnie, Lowell, Frances (Tim)

Boyum, Peter and MAnda 1.jpg

P. A. Boyum was the 12th child of Rev. and Mrs. Arne E. Boyum. He was born in southeastern Minnesota and attended public school there; entering Red Wing Seminary. He graduated in 1907 from the University of Minnesota.

After a one-year internship at Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis he arrived in Manfred in the fall of 1908. He was a bachelor then, age 28. His office and living quarters were on the second story (southwest corner) of the C. C. Melby Store, at the head of the long flight of stairs. He stayed in Manfred until the spring of 1912.

He then went to Devils Lake where he had a friend, Mr. Timbo, who was chief of police there. In about 1915 he went to Keene, North Dakota. This was then a one-horse town where my mother’s family lived. The town is about 30 miles northwest of New Town. It has been abandoned. There he met my mother, Manda Martinson, who was postmistress. They were married in Minneapolis in 1917 and spent much time there, as well as in Fillmore County, which is south of Winona.

P. A. Boyum’s father, Rev. Arne Ellendson Boyum came to the USA from Norway in 1853 and to Minnesota in 1856. He was the president of the Hauge Lutheran Church in America for eleven years and he went on ski trips with Elling Elleson.

In January 1919, soon after the birth of their first offspring, Arne Sewald Boyum, in Keen, the family moved to Harvey. The family of three boys, Arnie, Lowell born in 1921, and Francis (Tim) in 1923 along with my parents lived in a large house near the southwest corner of the school lot.

Dr. P.A. Boyum retired in the spring of 1962 and died shortly thereafter at the age of 82. Mrs. Boyum died in the summer of 1986; Francis died in the summer of 1985; brother Arne died in March of 1997 and his wife Cecile Henry Boyum died in 2000.

Dr. P. A. Boyum had seven grandchildren.

They are children of Arne S. Boyum: 1) Arne S. Boyum, a lawyer in Rolla; 2) Kelly Boyum a lawyer in Fargo, and a daughter 3) Katherine lives in Chicago.

Dr. Lowell E. Boyum and his wife Rebecca Pond had four children: 1) Peter A. Boyum, a medical doctor, lives in Stillwater, MN with his wife Nancy and children Andrew and holly; son 2. Thomas L. Boyum (deceased) was married one year to Robin Jaehning. He died in an accident (age 24) while a senior at the University of Minnesota Dental School; daughter 3) Thann R. Boyum is a doctor of veterinary medicine in North Carolina, son 4) William M. Boyum is a U. S. prosecuting attorney in Asheville, North Carolina.


Submitted by Lowell E. Boyum

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