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Ernest and Eva Braaten

Husband's Full Name:  Ernest Benjamin Braaten

Husband's Place of Birth:  Goodhue, Minnesota

Husband's Father's Name: Ole O. Braaten

Husband's Mother's Name: Inga T. Braaten

Husband's Siblings' Names: Oscar Braaten, Carrie (M. Evenson)

Wife's Full Name:  Eva Florence Iverson

Wife's Place of Birth:  Fessenden, ND

Wife's Father's Name:  John Iverson

Wife's Mother's Name:  Ingebjorg Dovre

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Hilda (James Olstad), Rakel (John Dovre); Irvin J. (Margaret Rogne); Josephine (John Brekke) Adolph (Anna Dovre), Clarence, Erling, Elmer, Infant, Agnes, Alfred

Children's Names: Erling (Margaret  McGough), Roland (Betty) and Reuben (Beverly Laske)

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Ernest Benjamin Kvam was born in 1894 in Red Wing, Minnesota. His parents were Norwegian immigrants. His mother died when he was two years old and at that time he was adopted by Ole O and Inga Braaten. His name was then changed to Braaten. 


Eva Florence Iverson was born in 1896 in Fessenden. Eva and Ernest were married in 1930 at Manfred, ND. They lived in the “Boese” house across from the school house. Ernest worked as a carpenter and also worked for various farmers in the area.  Eva was well known for being an excellent seamstress. They were active members of the Vang Lutheran Church.  In 1939 they moved to Fessenden and transferred their church membership to First Lutheran. 


Ernest passed away in 1967, Eva passed away in 1983. 

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