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Oscar and Marit Braaten

Husband's Full Name:  Oscar Braaten

Husband's Place of Birth:  Goodhue, Minnesota

Husband's Father's Name: Ole Braaten

Husband's Mother's Name: Inga O. Braaten

Husband's Siblings' Names:  Ernest Braaten

Wife's Full Name:  Marit Olsdatter Jorstad

Wife's Place of Birth:  Øystre Slidre, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Ole Nilson Rabøle

Wife's Mother's Name:  Marit Halvorsdatter Jorstad

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Ragndi Olsdatter (Tom Jorstad); Nils Olsen (Gunhild Jorstad); Guri Olsdatter; Halvor Olsen; Kari Olsdatter (aka Carrie Jorstad)

Children's Names: Myrtle Irene Braaten Basting

Oscar Braaten was born in Goodhue County, MN on February 3, 1884. He was the oldest son of Ole and Inga Braaten.  He went to school and was confirmed there, and as a young man he chose farming as his lifelong profession.


On February 12, 1913 Oscar married Margit Jorstad at Manfred, ND. They had one daughter, Myrtle. He lived in Manfred, and in 1916 they went to New Town and proved up his homestead there. The family then homesteaded in Unorganized Township 152-93, where they made their home and livelihood for 38 years. 


They were members of the Grand Valley Lutheran Church and Margit was a member of the Ladies Aid.


They moved to Minot and stayed with Margit's sister, Carrie Jorstad. Then in 1954, due to failing health, they moved to Sunland, CA to live with their daughter, Mrs. (Myrtle) Paul Basting. Margit spent some time in the nursing home. Oscar passed away November 19, 1958, and Margit in December 1961. Their daughter Myrtle passed away in 1962. They are all buried in California. 

Source: Beatrice Gullickson

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