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Mernie and Irene Braget

Husband's Full Name:  Mernie Joseph Braget

Husband's Place of Birth:  South Dakota

Husband's Father's Name: John Braget

Husband's Mother's Name: Mary Rust

Husband's Siblings' Names:  none

Wife's Full Name:  Irene Thelma Gigstad

Wife's Place of Birth:  Heimdal, North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  Anders Gigstad

Wife's Mother's Name:  Ingeborg Hanson

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Rudolph Carl, Clara A, Albin, Mabel, Clarence, Willie, Elmer

Child’s Name: Gary Jay Braget

2nd Wife’s Name:  Gladys Johnson

Braget, Mernie and Irene.png

Mernie Braget moved to Manfred from Heimdal in 1932 and became an agent at the Manfred Grain Co. He married Irene in July of 1932, and they moved into the L. O. Burkum house the first week of August. In September 1934 they moved to the Skogmo house. 


The Bragets were very active in the Manfred community. On May 25 1933, Mernie accompanied P. B. Anderson, Jacob Klev, Nennie Johnson and Sam Rogness on a business trip to Bismarck to visit Governor Langer to see if he would fix the Manfred Dam.  If the dam is fixed, it was reported, a truckload of fish will be planted there. 


The local news reported on June 2, 1938 that the Bragets were moving to Chaffee, ND where Mr. Braget will be employed.


Irene Braget died in 1957. In 1958 Mernie married Gladys Johnson. Gladys died in 1978. Mernie died in September 1964 in Minneapolis, MN.

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