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Tony and Josephine Breyer

Husband's Full Name:  Anton A. Breyer

Husband's Place of Birth:  Codington, S Dakota

Husband's Father's Name: Henry Breyer

Husband's Mother's Name: Mary Thinnes Breyer

Husband's Siblings' Names: Susan, Michael, Margaret, Peter, Henry Jr., Mary, Kathryn, John, Mathew

1st Wife's Full Name: Josie Biever

Wife's Place of Birth: Manfred, North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  Mathias Biever

Wife's Mother's Name:  Elizabeth Schneider Biever

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Joe, Anna  [Mike Jenny], Albert,

Ella Parries, Mathew, Frank

Child's Name: Donald (Lillian Gustafson)


2nd Wife's Full Name: Josephine Janisch

Wife's Place of Birth:  Manfred Township, North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  Frank J. Janisch

Wife's Mother's Name:  Mary Koller Janisch

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Theresa Seil, Mary O’Neill, Annie Hillbert, and Katherine  [John Smith]

Children's Names: Joann [Jim Hartel], Robert [Joan Severson]

Breyer, Tony and JOsephine 2.jpg
Breyer, Tony and JOsephine.jpg

Bob and Joann

Tony Breyer came to Manfred as a young man and farmed for a number of years, then entered business in Manfred. In about 1926 he married Josie Biever. They had one son Donald. After she died he married Josephine Janisch and they had two children, Joann and Robert. 


In July of 1930 Anton Breyer purchased the hotel and pool hall in Manfred and operated that business until he died in 1948.  The family continued living in the hotel for several years. The children attended Manfred Grade School and Fessenden High School.


Donald passed away in 1996, his wife Lillian in 1998; Joann Hartl passed away in 1986.


Robert (Bob) is now retired from working with a pharmaceutical company. He and his wife Joan live in South Carolina. 

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