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Donald and Lillian Breyer

Husband's Full Name: Donald Breyer

Husband's Place of Birth: South of Manfred

Husband's Father's Name: Anton Breyer

Husband's Mother's Name: Josie Biever Breyer

Husband's Siblings' Names: Robert and Joann

Wife's Full Name: Lillian Breyer

Wife's Place of Birth: Near Plaza, ND

Wife's Father's Name: Conrad Gustafson

Wife's Mother's Name: Emelia Gustafson

Wife's Siblings' Names: Bill Gustafson

Children's Names: David, Jim and Patricia

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Don was born on December 14, 1927 to Anton and Josie (Biever) Breyer on a farm south of Manfred, moving into Manfred he attended grade school there and graduated from Fessenden High School.

Lillian was born on September 29, 1931 to Conrad and Emelia Gustafson on a farm near Plaza. They moved to Heimdal where she attended grade school and two years of high school before graduating from FHS.

Don and Lillian were married on April 25, 1950 and the parents of three children: David, Jim and Patricia. Don worked in road construction for several years, but when time came for the oldest to begin school in 1956, they moved to Fessenden for the school year and traveled with the construction work during the summers, claiming Fessenden as "home." Lillian became a secretary again in 1957 for the Wells County state's attorney. In 1960, they built their home and settled down in Fessenden. Don worked for Schmidt Painting until Mr. Schmidt's death and then established his own painting business in 1976.

Don and Lillian's three children attended Fessenden schools and graduated from FHS. David attended NDSU for a year, but college was not for him so he moved to Minnesota, worked for John Deere, steel construction and now has his own business of carpentry. He was married in Minnesota and has two sons, Troy and Matt.

Jim graduated from UND with a major in accounting. He married Mary Wallace, a FHS graduate on June 2, 1973. They have two girls, Beth and Jamie. After living a number of years in North Dakota they moved to Chandler, AZ. He has a printing company and Mary has continued in the medical field and also does volunteer work in their church.

Patricia graduated from UND in accounting. She has worked in several fields of accounting and many different areas, but is now situated back in Los Angeles, CA as controller for a book publishing company. 

Source: Fessenden Centennial Book 1893-1993

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