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Emil and Minnie Bundt

Husband's Full Name:  Emil Henry Bundt

Husband's Place of Birth: Wisconsin

Husband's Father's Name: August R. Bundt

Husband's Mother's Name: Bertha L. Bundt

Husband's Siblings' Names: Unknown

Wife's Full Name: Minnie Emma Goedecke

Wife's Place of Birth: North Dakota, USA

Wife's Father's Name: Wilhelm Goedecke

Wife's Mother's Name: Anna Gloe

Wife's Siblings' Names: Fred Goedecke, (Werlinger)

Elsie Goedecke (McBain)

Children's Names: William, Irene, Raymond, Elaine, Eugene, Dorothy

Emil and Minnie Bundt were married on April 1916. Emil ran the Bundt Meat Market in Manfred in 1917 and 1918.  Their first two children were born in Manfred, in 1917 and 1918 respectively. Their third child was born in Fessenden where they apparently had moved. From North Dakota they moved to Polk County Minnesota and to Montana where 3 more children were born.


Emil continued his trade with the census of 1930 indicating he was a butcher in Minot, ND. From there they moved to Crosby then to Westby, Montana. Death records indicate he died in 1942 and she died in 2000. They both died in Vida, McCone County, 


They attended Concordia Lutheran Church of rural Fessenden.

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