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Lars and Gina Burkum

Husband's Full Name:  Lars Burkum

Husband's Place of Birth:  Lærdal, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Ola Olsson Børko

Husband's Mother's Name: Anna Persdotter Mo

Husband's Siblings' Names: Jens Olsson Bøe Brita Olsdatr, Per Olsson, Ola Olsson Nordre Bøekjo

Wife's Full Name:  Guri Gudbrandsdatter Rogne

Wife's Place of Birth:  Rogne, Øystre Slidre, Oppland, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Gudbrand Kristensen Rogne/Melby

Wife's Mother's Name:  Marit Olsdotter Rogne

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Kristen, Ola, Gudbrand, Ragnhild

Children's Names: Lester and a child who died at childbirth

Burkum, Lars and Guri 2.jpg
Burkum, Lars and Guri.jpg

Gina Burkum                      Lars Burkum

Guri (known as Gina) Rogne was born at the Røgnemarke Farm in Rogne, Øystre Slidre, Norway on January 7, 1876, the fourth child of Gudbrand Kristenson Rogne and Marit Olsdotter Rogne. Gina, together with her brothers Kristin, Gudbrand, and Ole decided to immigrate to America, and thereafter settled at Manfred where they had relatives living. It was through her Uncle Torstein K. Rogne, that she met and married Lars Burkum (Bjørkum). 


Lars was born in Lærdal, Sogn og Fjordane,Norway in 1856 and immigrated to America where he became friends with Torstein K. Rogne. In 1894 the two joined together as partners for the first general store at Manfred. It was named “Rogne and Burkum”. Torstein later sold his interest and moved to Canada.  In 1905 Lars built a new store building naming it the     “L. O. Burkum Store”. 


Lars and Gina’s first child died at birth on March 20, 1910. In 1912 a son, Lester was born. Gina was a very loving mother for Lester. She kept her home spotless and was a marvelous hostess. In addition to sewing she was very talented with handwork such as crocheting and Hardanger. Her work was precise and beautiful. Fortunately many of the pieces she created are on display at the Manfred Heritage Museum. 


After selling the Burkum Store in 1916, Lars and Gina bought a farmstead three miles west of Manfred. Here they farmed the rest of their lives. Gina died July 11, 1941, and Lars died two years later on July 7, 1943.

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