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Location: Near the Railroad Tracks

Proprietor: Varied

Year Started: Varied

Year Ended: Varied

Photo is from east to west: Woodworth Elevator, Osborne MacMillan Elevator, Royal Elevator, Manfred Farmer's Elevator, C.G. Ireys Elevator

Once the railroad tracks were laid, the grain elevators were built and thriving. At one time there were 5 elevators in Manfred.

1) Woodworth Elevator was built in 1907. In 1929 it was purchased by the Riebe Grain Company. In 1940 this elevator was moved to the O & M Elevator site at #2.


Woodworth Managers: Ole Lysaker, Charles Dittes, Andrew Erickson, Ed Myre and Sander Kopseng.

2) Osborne MacMillan Elevator was built in the late 1890s. An additional elevator was built in 1907. In 1991 it became the Manfred Grain Company. This elevator was demolished in 2010.


O & M Managers: Rasmus Jacobson, Axel Le Grand, Otto Bergsgaard, Selmer Syverson, Milbert Kusler, Lyle Bye, Sam Rogness and Roy Fandrich.

3) Royal Elevator was built in 1894 as Manfred’s first elevator. In 1907 it was purchased by Regan and Lyness


Royal Elevator Managers: Erick Gartland, Frank Bowers, W.C. Welter, John A. Morris, Alex Hill, and George B. Paulsen. When it was sold to Riebe Elevator Paulsen continued as manager followed by George Riebe.

4) Manfred Farmer’s Elevator was built in 1905. In 1957 a new elevator was constructed. This elevator complex was also known as the Farmers Union Elevator and later became the Manfred Branch of the Fessenden Cooperative Association. This elevator is the only one still standing in Manfred. All others were demolished or moved down the railroad line.


Manfred Farmers Elevator Managers: Frank Bowers, P.B. Anderson, Ole Ranum, A.E.Greenfield, Rasmus Jacobson, Lars Hanson, Axel LeGrand, Mr. Swanson, Otto Bergsgaard, Mernie Braget, Guy Fisher, Emil Schepp, Harley Boese, Art Strauss, Donald Strauss, George Seidlinger, Gary Hoornaert, Chuck Roller, Tom Hager, and Jeff Lindgren.

5) C.G. Ireys Elevator was built in the first years of 1900. George Reiter purchased this elevator in about 1926.


C.G. Ireys Elevator Managers: O.K. Melby, Ole Ranum, Gullik Nordtorp, O.C. Parks and Ole Lysaker.

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