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Kolbein and Gurina Fisketjon

Husband's Full Name:  Kolbein Josen Fisketjon

Husband's Place of Birth:  Suldal, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Jon Kolbeinsen Fisketjon

Husband's Mother's Name:  Siri Josefsdatter

Husband's Siblings' Names: unknown

Wife's Full Name:  Gurina Theodorstatter Vilhelmsen

Wife's Place of Birth:  Stavanger, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  I. Vilheim

Wife's Mother's Name:  Laura Molena Borresen

Wife's Siblings' Names:  unknown

Children's Names: Anna, Laura (Lewis William Palmer), Janice (Ole Nyland), Joseph (Doris Nelson and Gladys Leone Peterson), Borge, Gertrude, Ella, Olaf, Carl

Fisketjon, Kolbein and Gurina.jpg

Kolbein (1858-1940) was first married to Marta Josefsdatter Tjordal (1859-1881)   They lived in Norway.


He then married Anna Paulsdatter Lunde (1865-1891) They had the following children:  Marta, Jon, Eldri and Sigrid.  Eldri died as an infant.


In about 1897 he married Gurina (1974-1964) in Suldal Norway.  They immigrated to America, with Kolbein’s 3 living children from his second marriage as well as their two oldest children who were born in Norway.  They all arrived in New York on July 16, 1902.  Kolbein and Gurina had the following children:  Anna, Laura, Jennie, Joseph, Borge, Gertrude, Ella, Olaf and Carl. 


Three of the children were enrolled in Manfred School during the terms 1911-1912 and 1912-1913 and another child was born while they were living in Manfred township. 


Manfred News for March 28, 1913 reads as follows:  “K. Fisketjon, who has been on the Willborg farm the past year, has loaded his property and will move to his homestead near Plaza.”


Kolbein and Gurina’s nine children are listed in the 1920 census as living in Amundville in McLean County, and in Idea, McLean County both in North Dakota in the census records of 1925 and 1930.  All of their children have now died.  There are many grandchildren that still survive, however, and some who still live in North Dakota.  He was the head of his household, owned his home and could read and write English. 


According to ship records, Gurina took a trip back to Norway in 1948 on the ship, Stavangerfjord. 


Kolbein died in 1940 in Watford City, ND, Gurina died October 24, 1964 also in Watford City. 

Kolbein Fisketjon and Anna Paulsdatter Lunde (2nd Marriage)


  • Marta went to America with Kolbein and Gurina

  • Jon died – age 2

  • Eldri – did not come to America with Kolbein and Gurina.  The 1900 Census shows Eldri living at Lunde with Paul and Eldri Lunde, Eldri’s grandparents (Anna’s parents) She was listed as a servant.  Eldri never came to America.  She married but had no children

  • Sigrid – did not come to America with Kolbein and Gurina.  She was raised by Matthias Gjermundson Soma and his wife Bertine Andersdtr Areskjold.  Matthias was a steamer engineer on the steamer D/S Suldal from 1886 until approx 1900.  Sigrid came to America in 1906 after her father wrote and asked her to come to America.


Kolbein Fisketjon and Gurina (3rd Marriage)


  • Kolbein and Gurina immigrated to America with the following children.  Kolbein’s daughters Eldri and Sigrid were being raised by different families in Norway

    • Marta (Kolbein’s first daughter with Anna Paulsdatter Lunde) Age 18

    • Anna (Kolbein’s first daughter with Gurina – Age 3

    • Laura (Kolbein’s second daughter with Gurina – Age 1)

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