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Hotel Johnson

Location: Block 4, Lot 12

Proprietor: Nennie Johnson

Year Started: 1906

Year Ended: See below the transfers

History of Business: Nennie Johnson built the Hotel Johnson in 1906. It had a barbers chair in it, as Nennie was a barber. The hotel was noted for its excellent meals and was a well-known place to eat for passengers traveling on the Soo Line Railroad. He sold the hotel in 1908 and erected a smaller building across the street that served as a barbershop and recreation parlor called the Johnson Place. In 1908 Knut Gilbertson bought the Hotel Johnson and renamed it the Manfred Hotel. In 1922 Christ Anhorn owned the hotel, and in 1924 he established a lunch counter in connection with his pool hall. In 1930 Christ Anhorn sold the property to Josephine Biever Breyer. Following the death of the first Mrs. Breyer, the property was transferred to Anton Breyer. Anton and his second wife Josephine Janish Breyer ran the hotel, and after Anton passed away, Josephine continued to live in the hotel and raise her young children. In 1953 Josephine Breyer sold the hotel to the local Sons of Norway lodge, as their building was destroyed by fire. The lodge owned the property until 1988 when Harry Detling purchased the property. The property was then purchased by the Melby Heritage Society in 2003 and was made a part of the Manfred Heritage Museum complex.

Daisy – Hotel Johnson

Reference points:

Red rectangle - Manfred School

Blue rectangle - Vang Lutheran Church

Purple rectangle – Post Office/Bank

Green rectangle – Solheim Station

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