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Nels and Gunhild Jorstad

Husband's Full Name:  Nels Olson Jorstad 

Husband's Place of Birth:  Øystre Slidre, Oppland, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Ole Nilson Råbolle

Husband's Mother's Name: Marit Halvorsdtr Finsalsen Jorstad

Husband's Siblings' Names: Ragndi Jorstad, Halvor, Margit Braaten, Carrie Jorstad

Wife's Full Name:  Gunhild Reistad Jorstad

Wife's Place of Birth:  Sigdahl, Eggedal, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Ole Knudsen Dahlen

Wife's Mother's Name:  Gunhild Reiersdatter

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Ole O, Reistad, Thea, Knute Reistad, Lars Reistad, Torstein Reistad, Knut Reistad, Karl Reistad, Vilheim Reistad, Reier Reistad, Torstein Reistad

Children's Names:  Ole, Richard, Gilma, Nennie, Myrtle

Nels Jorstad wedding.jpg

Front:  Mr. and Mrs. Nels Jorstad

Back:  Christ Rogne, Mary Jorstad,

Mary Hovey, Reier Reistad. 

Wedding photo July 1905

Nels Jorstad was a brother of Thomas T. Jorstad. Nels was married to a sister of Reier Reistad (who formerly owned the Brian and Laura Muscha farm). Many years ago, Nels and his wife Gunhild, and children lived in Manfred in the house west of the parsonage.  After his wife died, Nels Jorstad bought the farm NW of Adolph Shirley's. Their children were Ole, who was a mechanic and farmer in the Manfred area, Richard, also a mechanic died when quite young in a car accident near Hurdsfield. Gilma died when she was 16, Nennie died as a young man of 36, and Myrtle died when she was only 11.

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