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Langworthy Lumber Co. 

Proprietor: unknown

Year Started: about 1907

Year Ended: about 1910

History of Business: Langworthy Lumber was a short-lived lumber company in Manfred. We have a board stamped with Langworthy Lumber Co in our museum. Items from the “Old Manfred News” indicating the existence of this company are as follows: July 5, 1907 – There have been some parties here this week looking over the town for sites for lumberyards. As a result, Manfred may have two new lumber yards in the near future, and then the farmers will get their lumber for nothing. (this entry does not mention Langworthy, but seems this may have been the case as you read the following articles. December 25, 1908 (date of issue of county paper) The August 5, 1910 newspaper reported that the two Manfred lumberyards have been made into one.  The Rogers Yard took over the stock of the Langworthy Yard and the Langworthy Yard left Manfred. The auditor for the Langworthy Lumber Co spent Saturday at Manfred. October 28, 1910 – John Jenson is at Harvey this week helping the agent of the Langworthy Lumber Co during the collecting season. Also from the web, is an article of Olin L. Langworthy, president of the Langworthy Lumber Company. It states he started the Langworthy Lumber Co in 1902 and has been president since its inception. It says the company maintains country yards all over North Dakota, He is prominent in lumber circles throughout the USA and considered an authority on any issue pertaining to the business.

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