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Manfred Lumber Co.

Location: LeGrand Addition, Lot 12

Proprietor: O.K. Melby

Year Started: 1902

Year Ended: before 1933

History of Business: O.K. Melby Lumber Co. was also named MANFRED LUMBER. O. K. Melby established this business. He also built the home across the street with the white fence around it where he and his wife Mary lived. In 1905 it was reported he was also enclosing his lumberyard with a fence. By Fall of that year he resigned his position as grain buyer for the Ireys Elevator to devote all his time to his lumber business. In 1906 he hired Ole Onstad to attend to the lumberyard during harvest time so he could look after his threshing rig. He secured the contract to furnish the poles for new telephone line for the Highland-Russland Telephone Co. 28 phones and wire were strung for 31 miles connecting the central office at Fessenden and running due west. Rogers Lumber bought out this lumberyard for $1,000. The Manfred Lumber Co. building was taken down and the Rogers Lumber Company building moved to this site and remodeled the building for use as a garage by Rudolph Peterson in 1933.

Daisy – Manfred Lumber Co.

Reference points:

Red rectangle - Manfred School

Blue rectangle - Vang Lutheran Church

Purple rectangle – Post Office/Bank

Green rectangle – Solheim Station

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