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Vang Lutheran Church

Vang Lutheran Church 1.jpg

1906 - The church was built. The photo was taken at the Dedication Service on June 26, 1910.

Vang Lutheran Church 2.jpg

~1910 - The exterior was painted grey with white trim.

Vang Lutheran Church 3.jpg

2001 - The church was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The inside of the church. Note the ceiling lights which were originally lit with kerosene. The tin was added in the 1920-1921. The stained glass windows were added in the late 1950s as memorials. 

2002 - The front steps were repaired.

Vang Lutheran Church 4.jpg

2006 - This sign was placed on side on the 100th Anniversary of the building.

Vang Lutheran Church 5.jpg
Vang Lutheran Church 6.jpg

2011 - The roof was reshingled. 

The church still has an active congregation which holds services every other Sunday from Easter to Christmas. 

2019- Railing installed in back entry and back entry textured and painted.

Future Plans:

Work on windows so they function again

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