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Martin and Clara Moen

Husband's Full Name:  Martin Moen

Husband's Place of Birth:  Trysil, Hedmark, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Mattias Stoa

Husband's Mother's Name: Berta Flotlien

Husband's Siblings' Names: John, Borah, Eric

Wife's Full Name:  Clara Oline Ongstad Moen

Wife's Place of Birth:  Pelican Rapids, MN

Wife's Father's Name:  Hans Peder Hendrickson

Wife's Mother's Name:  Nicoline Olson Ongstad

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Hilda, Alfred, Emil, Anna, Henry, Olaf, Oscar, James, Lottie, Ida, Minnie, Edna

Children's Names: Harry, Myrtle Hustoft Sund, Ben, Jewel Johnsrude, Alma Johnson, Gladys Beil, Lillian Booth, Ruth Curry, Roy, Florence Murbach, Arnold, Leila, Delbert

Martin and Clara Moen-wedding.jpg

Clara Oline Ongstad, born October 31, 1882 near Pelican Rapids, MN, was the second child of Hans and Nicoline Ongstad. She married November 16, 1903 in Ringsaker Church of Pelican Rapids, MN to Martin Moen. 


Martin (birth name Mathias Stoa) was born January 16, 1873 at Trysil, Hedmark, Norway to Mathias and Berte Stoa.  Mathias’ name was Mattias Flotlien, and when he married Berte Stoa and moved to the Stoa farm, his name changed to Mattias Stoa. Also, their sons had worked on different farms and so each had taken the name of that farm resulting in different last names as: Borrah Johnson, John Skovlie, Eric Stoa, and Martin Moen. The family came to Ottertail County in about 1889, when Martin was 16. He worked for Hans Ongstad in MN, and also helped a horse trader drive horses to settlers in ND.  In 1902, he homesteaded NW of Manfred in Heimdal Township. 


After Martin and Clara married, they settled on this homestead and raised thirteen children in their very small house: Harry, Myrtle, Ben, Jewel, Margaret, Gladys, Evelyn, Ruth, Roy, Florence, Arnold, Leila, Delbert. They lived here the rest of their lives, and were members of East Vang Lutheran Church. Clara became ill with a kidney disorder and died in the Harvey hospital on February 20, 1936 at the age of 53.  Martin died on July 22, 1952.  Both are buried at East Vang Cemetery.


Their son Harry continued on with the farming tradition at the Moen farm and has since passed away.

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