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Hotel Johnson

Fagerlund  Sons of Norway Lodge

Hotel Johnson 1.jpg

1906 - Hotel built by Nennie Johnson. It also served as a barber shop and restaurant.

1908 - Purchased by Knut Gilbertson and renamed it the Manfred Hotel.  

Hotel Johnson 2.jpg

1922 - Christ Anhorn purchased the hotel, and in 1924 he established a lunch counter in connection with his pool hall. 

Hotel Johnson 3.jpg

1953 - Purchased by Fagerlund Sons of Norway to serve as their lodge.

1988 - Last year of use.


2005 - Front boardwalk installed.


2008 - Exterior restoration, jacking of floors, and building of webbing network inside.

Hotel Johnson 4.jpg

2009 - Exterior painting.

2017- Exterior painting.


2019- Shingling of outhouse.

Future Plans: 

Maintain the Exterior of the Building 

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