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Lars and Tomine Natland

Husband's Full Name:  Lars Natland

Husband's Place of Birth:  Stavanger, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Sjur Larsen Natland

Husband's Mother's Name: Helga Tormodsdtr Brommeland

Husband's Siblings' Names: Anna, Elisabeth, Thomas

Wife's Full Name:  Tomine Erfjord Natland

Wife's Place of Birth:  Stavanger, Norway

Wife's Father's Name: Sven N. Erfjord

Wife's Mother's Name:  Martha Karina Torkelsdotter

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Clarence, David, Torkel, Sven

Children's Names: Samuel, Hannah, Selmer, Celia, Lyness, Myrtle

lars natland wedding.jpg

Lars Natland emigrated from Stavanger, Norway in 1888, Tomine Erfjord immigrated in 1887 from Stavanger. In 1894 they were married in Buxton.  In May 1895, they came to Manfred from Buxton by covered wagon and oxen. They led a cow and calf behind the wagon; they also had a few chickens and farm tools in the wagon. They were parents of six children.

Lars Natland was born in February 1863 in Stavanger, and died in August 1927 in Manfred. Tomine Erfjord was born October 3, 1867 in Stavanger, and died October 4, 1953 in Manfred Township. Both are buried at the Bethel Cemetery, near Manfred, ND.



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