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Albert and Rose Nelson

Husband's Full Name:  Albert Julius Nelson

Husband's Place of Birth: Green Bay, WI

Husband's Father's Name: Thomas Nelson

Husband's Mother's Name:  Mary Nelson

Husband's Siblings' Names: Otto, Tonetta, Anton, Nels

Emma Lantz, Twin, John, William, Mabel Cady, Alma

Tidlund, Rhoda Soderlund

Wife's Full Name:  Rose Arndt Nelson

Wife's Place of Birth:  Kennan, WI

Wife's Father's Name: 

Wife's Mother's Name: 

Wife's Siblings' Names: 

Children's Names: Marie Vargason, Thomas, Arlene

Rodgers, Robert

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Headline in the County Paper:  Manfred Mail Carrier Quits


I've worn out four postmasters and I don't know how many cars." That is the comment of Albert Nelson, Manfred, upon his retirement after 32 years as a rural mail carrier. (1952) Nelson began his work with the postal service May 1, 1920. In 1935 his 34-mile route was expanded to 55 miles when the two Manfred routes were consolidated.


The amount of mail the average farmer receives has increased during the years, but the establishing of local hatcheries has eased the work of the postman, Nelson says. "Years ago we used to have 500 - 600 chickens passed through the Manfred Post Office, before I lost count." he said.


Its a long cry from the horse and sleigh to the modern snowmobile and the Model "T" to the present day jeeps, but there have been only a few times that I was ever caught in a storm and had to stay overnight at a farm", says Nelson.  "But our hours used to be a lot longer than they are now."


"Weather has always been a foe of the mailman, but our enemy number one has been uncut weeds along the road which catch snow and allow it to bank up. If every farmer would cut the weeds along roads bordering his land he would get much better service and our job would be much simpler."


Nelson said his older brothers had been coming to this area for some years to help with threshing and "When I got old enough I just tagged along."  He liked the people and the country, and after serving with the army during WWI, he and his wife came from Wisconsin to make their home here. 


Nelson says his two boys, Tom, living in CA and Robert who runs an elevator in Argyle, MN both call him "Tiny" though he stands over six feet, both boys tower over him. He has two daughters, Marie who lives in Fargo and Arlene who resides in Sultan, WA.


This week the Nelsons plan to leave for California to visit their son and possibly make their home there. "Maybe". says Nelson.  "I've been in Manfred too long and my roots may be too deeply set to be transplanted".

Obit: Albert


Born near Green Bay, WI, grew to manhood in WI and went into service during WWI in 1918 and served until Feb 1919.  He married in Aug 1919. They resided near Hamberg from then until he became a rural mail carrier out of Manfred in 1920.  He served as rural mail carrier out of Manfred for 32 years, retiring due to ill health in 1952. They moved to Grantsburg, WI and lived there until his last illness. 


Obit: – Rose


Born and raised in Kennan, WI, married and came to Manfred in 1919 where Mr. Nelson was rural mail carrier for 32 years.  They moved to Grantsburg, WI after his retirement. She moved to St. Paul after his death in 1965. 


She was active in church work at Vang Lutheran Church in Manfred; She taught Sunday School and was its Superintendent for many years. She also held various offices in the ALCW.

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