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Vern and Bernice Nelson

Husband's Full Name:  Vern Otto Nelson

Husband's Place of Birth:  Tolley, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Bor Nelson

Husband's Mother's Name: Freida Oberg

Husband's Siblings' Names: Norman, Lawrence, Roy,

A, B, Doris, Margaret, Elaine, Justin

Wife's Full Name:  Bernice Gladheim Nelson

Wife's Place of Birth:  Plaza, ND

Wife's Father's Name:  Ole Gladheim

Wife's Mother's Name:  Clara Ranum

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Mildred, Gerda, Doris, Ordean,

Cora, Ora, Carol

Children's Names: Vernon, Warren, Robert, George, Owen, Curtis, Pam


Vern Nelson was born November 25, 1913 at Tolley to Bror and Freda Nelson.  He grew up there and began his education. He later moved with his family to the Sanish area where he completed his education. As a young man he entered the Civilian Conservation Corps.


He married Bernice Gladheim in June 1942 at San Francisco, California where they made their home until moving back to North Dakota in 1944, She was born at Plaza and raised at Sanish where she graduated from high school in 1934. She worked for the Bank of North Dakota at Bismarck in 1939 during the state centennial celebration. They made their home on a farm south of Manfred until 1950 when they moved to the Gladheim family farm north of Manfred.  


They were members of the Vang Lutheran Church of Manfred. Bernice was a Sunday School teacher and active in the Vang Ladies Aid. They are buried at the Vang Cemetery north of Manfred.

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