Calvin and Myrtle Neuenschwander

Husband's Full Name:  Calvin Neuenschwander

Husband's Place of Birth:  Jefferson, Tennessee

Husband's Father's Name: Daniel Neuenschwander

Husband's Mother's Name: Katherine Schrug

Husband's Siblings' Names: Martha, Mary Hannah, Emma, Katherine, Otto

Wife's Full Name:  Myrtle Dyer

Wife's Place of Birth:  Canada

Wife's Father's Name:  Andrew Dyer

Wife's Mother's Name:  Margaret

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Delle, Laura, Ella, Eva, James

Children's Names: Harold, Margaret Morrison, Clare Nelson, Jean Cowell

Calvin and Myrtle Neuenschwander farmed west of Fessenden; when they retired they moved to the Manfred parsonage and spent several years living in town. 

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