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Martin and Martha Olschlager

Husband's Full Name:  Martin Olschlager

Husband's Place of Birth:  West Ontario, Wells, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Gottleib Olschlager

Husband's Mother's Name: Maria Monch Olschlager

Husband's Siblings' Names: George (Carrie Opp), Mary (Lloyd Carter)

Wife's Full Name:  Martha Rudel Olschlager

Wife's Place of Birth:  St. Anna Township, Wells, ND

Wife's Father's Name:  William Rudel

Wife's Mother's Name:  Rosina Rudel

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Walter (Elevena Eikom), Lydia (Paul Johnson) and Christine (Gross)

Children's Names: Helen (Edward Justus), William, Harold (Betty Erfle), Violet (Otto Erfle), Ella (Robert Fancher, Harvey Lenz)

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Martin Olschlager, the youngest son of Gottlieb and Maria Olschlager, was born on July 17, 1894 on the family homestead in West Ontario Township and lived there all his life. He was an avid baseball player in his younger days and many Sunday afternoons were spent participating in ball games. Neighbors like Harry, Homer and Russel Cook, George Olschlager and the Mulhbeier brothers were some of his teammates. His hunting buddy was Ed Hirschkorn and they were known for their hunting skills and for "bringing home the bacon."


Martin married Martha Rudel, daughter of William and Rosina Rudel on June 5, 1918. Martha was born on             May 17, 1897 in St. Anna Township.They had five children: Helen (Mrs. Edward Justus) of rural Manfred; William, took over the family farm after his father died but had to retire due to his health and died in 1993, Ella Lenz of Fessenden; Violet (Mrs. Otto Erfle), Auburn, WA; and Harold who died in 1998.

Martin died in 1956 and Martha died in 1973

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