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Gullik and Ragnhild Nordtorp

Husband's Full Name:  Gullik Rønjusson Nordtorp

Husband's Place of Birth: Nordtorp 20/3 ØS, Valdres, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Rønjus Jonsen Nordtorp

Husband's Mother's Name: Narit Knutsdotter Rogne

Husband's Siblings' Names: Jon

Wife's Full Name:  Ragnhild Olsdotter Hegge

Wife's Place of Birth:  Hegge 20/3 ØS, Valdres, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Ola Sveinson Hegge

Wife's Mother's Name:  Ingrid Halvorsdatter Sælid

Wife's Siblings' Names:  unknown

Children's Names: Margit, Ingrid, Ingebjorg, Bergit, Jennie, Oscar, John, Anne, Hilda, Gladys

Nordtorp, Gullik.jpg

Gullik R. Nordtorp was born in Valdres, Norway. He was married to Ragnhild Hegge also from Valdres, Norway. They ran a Tourist Hotel called Heggenes, in Valdres. They came to Wisconsin in 1892, lived there one year and then moved to Manfred. As the agent for the Smith Roger Lumber Co., he founded the first business house in Manfred in 1893. Later he erected his home, the stone house, which became a familiar landmark. The two first babies were baptized in the stone house, and two weddings were held there.


Christ Roble and C.C. Melby's services were held there and Sunday School to start with too. He also was a carpenter and with a crew built section houses from Enderlin to Anamoose. They also built schoolhouses.


Ten children were born to the union. They are: (Margit) Mrs. Jacobson, (Ingrid) Mrs. Sever Hovey, (Emma) a school teacher and banker; (Bertha) Mrs. Oscar Melby; (Jennie) Mrs. Isakson; (Oscar and John) both contractors and built elevators, Anne, a public health nurse, a district nurse in the Peace River County; (Hilda) Mrs. Bill Roberts, deceased, (Gladys) Mrs. Aster Basarb, she was a teacher at High Prairie and he farmed. 


Gullik Nordtorp was the secretary when they first started the congregation in Manfred, and was active in the welfare of the church and community.


Gullik Nordtorp was born July 12, 1858 and died February 23, 1934. His wife, Ragnhild was born October 13 and died October 27, 1929.  They both died in Camrose, Alberta.

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