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Carl and Bertha Olson

Husband's Full Name:  Carl H. Olson

Husband's Place of Birth: Elgin, Iowa

Husband's Father's Name:  Hans Olson Kilboe

Husband's Mother's Name:  Sigrid Knutson

Husband's Siblings' Names: unknown

Wife's Full Name:  Bertha Hauge Olson

Wife's Place of Birth:  Stavanger, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Torger Hauge

Wife's Mother's Name:  Brita Jarge Hauge

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Leif, Martha (Foningslan), John (Engel B. Lenning), Torger (Anna Erfjord), Andrew (Gena Shefveland), Leif

Children's Names: Olia (Ludvig Mathieson), Henry (Cora Bloom), Bella (Minor Brevik), Celia (Gilbert Lindbo), Thilda (Clarence Nelson, Lou Machall), John (Irene Mittlitter), Talmer (Myrtle Thompson, Elsie Rothacker), Alice (Noble Lockrem)


Bertha Hauge arrived in the United States all alone at the age of 14. A lady who lived in Norway couldn't use the ticket gave it to Bertha.  Bertha used the lady’s name while she was traveling. A couple of years later Bertha's entire family arrived in the United States.


Bertha’s brother Leif was a ship captain. He, his wife and daughter perished in the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. 


Carl Olson was born in Iowa. His parents came from Norway and settled somewhere around Elgin, Iowa.  Carl played the violin and he made at least 5 violins in his lifetime. When his daughter Bella Brevik was in North Dakota in 1947 her father (Carl Olson) had just finished his last violin and he played in tune. She said that was “pretty neat”.


Bertha married Carl Olson on July 17, 1894 in Buxton, ND. They moved to the Manfred, ND area and farmed 4 miles north of Manfred, this later was the home of their son Talmer Olson and his family.

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