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Talmer and Myrtle Olson

Husband's Full Name: Talmer R. Olson

Husband's Place of Birth:  Manfred, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Carl H. Olson

Husband's Mother's Name: Bertha Hauge Olson

Husband's Siblings' Names: Olia (Ludvig) Mathieson;

Henry Olson; Bella (Minor) Brevik; Celia (Gilbert)

Lindbo; Tilda (Lou) Marshall; John; Alice (Noble) Lockrem

Wife's Full Name: Myrtle Thompson Olson

Wife's Place of Birth: Chaseley, ND

Wife's Father's Name: Theodore Thompson

Wife's Mother's Name: Sofia Hetletved

Wife's Siblings' Names: Melvin (Marie) Alveshere,

Clarence (Mary Smith), Tillman (Reiko Tanika), Stanley, Benjamin, Gladys (Fred) Hieb, Ida, Stella

Children's Names: Marlys (Herbert) Weisser,

Janet (James) Wright, Raenette (Richard) Tewes

Doreen (David) Kartes

Second Wife’s Name:  Elsie Rothacker Rodacker Olson

Olson, Talmer silver r.jpg

Talmer and Myrtle were married on January 4, 1939 at Harvey. They lived on a farm near Manfred with Talmer’s parents during the first years of their marriage, as his parents were not well. 


Talmer drove the Manfred School bus for two years. They raised both dairy and beef cows until 1955 when they enlarged to a turkey production.  They raised turkeys for about ten years.


They were the parents of four daughters, Marlys, Janet, Raenette and Doreen.


Talmer served on the Manfred Township School Board and on the Vang Church Board for a number of years. Myrtle was active in the Vang Ladies Aid and Sunday School. They were also members of the Fagerlund Sons of Norway.


His wife Myrtle died in 1964 after being sick for 3 years. In 1972, Talmer sold the farm to Ole Seltvedt. He married Elsie Rodacker in 1972 and they lived in Harvey. Talmer died in 1976 and Elsie in 2000.

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