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Emil and Linda Onstad

Husband's Full Name:  Emil Onstad

Husband's Place of Birth:  Manfred, North Dakota

Husband's Father's Name: Ole E. Onstad

Husband's Mother's Name: Gina Rogne Onstad

Husband's Siblings' Names: Annie Solheim

Wife's Full Name:  Linda Brusven Onstad

Wife's Place of Birth:  Toring Township, Ward County, ND

Wife's Father's Name:  Anton Brusven

Wife's Mother's Name:  Mary Heskin Brusven

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Oscar and Nels

Child’s Name: Mary Louise Hauf


Onstad, Emil and Linda wed.jpg

Emil, attended school at Manfred, and as a young man enjoyed hunting with his friend Russell Johnson.  (See March 2003, Page 10)  Emil married October 1, 1949 to Linda Brusven born 1918 in Ward County, North Dakota. They farmed in the Manfred area for a number of years.  Later, they moved to Minot where Emil was employed by Minot State College, the city of Minot and Trinity Medical Center. They were members of Zion Lutheran Church and Emil was a member of the Minot Moose Lodge. Emil died June 18, 1972 and Linda died January 19, 1999, and buried at Rosehill Memorial in Minot. They had one daughter Mary who married James Roberts and had two children, Lisa and Stacy. Later, Mary married Tom Hauf and they have a son Anthony.

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