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Dale and  Shirley Opdahl

Husband's Full Name:  Dale Opdahl

Husband's Place of Birth:  Manfred, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Edwin Opdahl

Husband's Mother's Name: Sophie Rogness Opdahl

Husband's Siblings' Names: Jean, Verneil, Phyllis, Dennis and Gary

Wife's Full Name: Shirley Mae Lautt Opdahl

Wife's Place of Birth:  Harvey, North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  Reuben Lautt

Wife's Mother's Name:  Martha Lautt

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Adeline, Twila, Janice and Linda

Children's Names: Ilona, Rodney, Kelly, Kent and Aaron

Opdahl, Dale and Shirley.jpg

Dale was born on the original Opdahl homestead and lived there until his family moved to the Roble homestead in 1944. He attended country school at first, and after the move attended Manfred School through the eighth grade. At that time he went to work on the family farm helping raise turkeys, milking cows and raising grain crops.


He married Shirley Lautt and moved onto the Opdahl family farm. They have raised turkeys, milk cows, beef cows, horses, and a variety of other animals, as well as raising grain.


They have participated in various organizations including the Sheyenne River Salle Club, various turkey and dairy federations, Harvey Rural Fire Department, Fagerlund Sons of Norway, Vang Lutheran Church.  


Dale and Shirley have five children.

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