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Edwin and  Sophie Opdahl

Husband's Full Name: Albert Edwin Opdahl

Husband's Place of Birth: Forward Township, Manfred, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Per Opdahl

Husband's Mother's Name: Kristine Maria Rustad

Husband's Siblings' Names: Mathilda, Emma, Marie

Wife's Full Name: Valborg Sophie Opdahl

Wife's Place of Birth:  Manfred, ND

Wife's Father's Name:  Nikolai Rogness

Wife's Mother's Name:  Everina Lunderness Hauge

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Selma, Elvina, Lars, Martha, Ole, Nora,

Anna, Elvin, Ellen

Children's Names: Jean, Verneil, Dale, Phyllis, Dennis, Gary

Edwin_SophieOpdahl cropped.jpg

Ed and Sophie were married on July 24, 1927 at the home of Sophie’s parents.  They made their home on the homestead of Ed’s parents.  Six children were born to them while living there:  Jean, Verneil, Dale, Phyllis, Dennis and Gary. 


In 1944 they moved to the present Dale and Shirley Opdahl farm, previously owned by T. O. Roble.  As the years passed, more land was purchased and the farm became a little larger.  Electricity and running water now became part of their lives along with the things that accompany it – things such as a refrigerator, electric lights, and electric toaster and electric milkers replaced even milking cows by hand. 


Edwin and Sophie were very cordial people and guests were always welcome.  There was never a problem to make a big dinner.  They had home canned meat, fruit, jam, potatoes and so on in the root cellar and a well stocked pantry.


They were active in community activities, including their church.


Edwin died on November 4, 1989 and Sophie died February 14, 2000.  Both are buried at Vang Cemetery. 

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