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Even and Kjersti Ostrem

Husband's Full Name:  Even Ostrem

Husband's Place of Birth:  Austrem, Vang, Valdres, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Even Evenson Ostrem

Husband's Mother's Name: Bergit H. Leine

Husband's Siblings' Names:  Marit, Helge, Ole, Anne, Berit

Wife's Full Name:  Kjersti Heen Ostrem

Wife's Place of Birth:  Heen, Vang, Valdres, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Lars Haen

Wife's Mother's Name:  Kjersti Heen

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Ivar, Torstein, Ingebord, Trond Heen

Children's Names: Ivan, Lars, Bertha Satterlee, Henry, Theodore, Christine Anderson, Evelyn Fisher, Arnt, Ingrid Reinholt-Sheedy, Ivar

Ostrem, Even_Kjerstie in living room.jpg

Even Ostrem born December 5, 1882 and Kjersti Heen born March 16, 1880, were married at Vang Church in the beautiful valley at Vang, Valdres, Norway on January 20, 1903. In 1909, Even and Kjersti, together with three small children Ivan (1904), Lars (1905) and Bertha (1907) left their home in Norway for America.


After a strenuous journey they arrived at Tioga, North Dakota, to the home of Kjersti's brother Trond Heen.   That same year, Even made use of his "Homestead Right" and filed on land 14 miles southeast of Tioga, and in December their fourth child Henry was born.  Six more children were added to them: Theodore (1911), Christine (1913), Evelyn (1914), Arnt (1916), Inga (1918), and Ivar (1920).   In 1925, a sad happening occurred when Ivar died during an appendectomy operation at the hospital in Minot.


In 1927, Kjersti was so very happy to visit her homeland in Vang, Norway once again, accompanied by a friend Mrs. Ebba Hovey of Tioga.


In 1929, Even and Kjersti moved from Tioga to the “Rogne farm” north of Manfred.  They joined Vang Lutheran Church of Manfred where Kjersti became an active member of the Vang Ladies Aid.  They were also active members of the Fagerlund Sons of Norway Lodge of Manfred, where Even was known for his ability to dance the intricate exhibition ‘Spring Dans’.

In 1942, Even and Kjersti moved into the village of Manfred, and lived with their son Lars who had just purchased a home there. In that same year, Even began working as custodian for the Manfred School and continued in this work until his retirement, at which time his son Lars took over that position. In 1953, they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Also in that year, Kjersti was awarded a "Life Membership" from the Vang Ladies Aid.


Kjersti died in 1958 and Even in 1975. Both are buried in Vang Cemetery, as well as are three of their children Henry, Lars, and Ingrid.

Written by Wanda Melchert, 2003

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