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Lars Ostrem

Full Name: Lars Ostrem 

Place of Birth:  Valdres, Norway

Father's Name: Even Ostrem

Mother's Name: Kjersti Heen Ostrem

Siblings' Names: Ivan, Bertha Satterlee, Henry, Theodore, Christine Anderson, Evelyn Fisher, Arnt, Inga Reinholt, Ivar

Ostrem, Lars.jpg

 Lars Ostrem was born in Norway and as a young boy came with his parents to Tioga, ND. As a young man, Lars came to the Manfred community and worked for a number of farmers. One of these farmers was Bendik Rogne. He worked on Rogne farm for him while Bendik was in California. Bendik was so pleased with his help that he rented the land to him. 


In 1929, Lars’ parents moved from Tioga to the “Rogne” farm with him.  In about 1942 Lars decided to retire from farming.  He then bought a house in Manfred from a Mrs. John (Emma) Nelson. His parents lived there with him. Lars’ dad Even began working as custodian for the Manfred School and continued in this until his retirement, at which time his son Lars took over that position at that time.                                           


Lars and his parents joined Vang Lutheran Church of Manfred and were active members. He was also an active member of the Fagerlund Sons of Norway Lodge of Manfred, where he often had accordion in hand playing for programs and dances. 


His nieces and nephews often talk about the many family gatherings held at Lars and remember that their uncle taught them how to play croquet, which was a common activity at these gatherings.

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