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Anderson House

Anderson 1.jpg

1905 - House on left built for Charles Fjerestad by carpenter B. Thompson and crew of Harvey. 

1906 - Porch added to kitchen

1913 -  House sold to Olaf Anderson.

Anderson 2.jpg

After 1913 - Caroline "Lena" Anderson started growing flowers in the garden next to her house. "Lena's" Garden continued until 1970.

1970 - Lena Anderson moves out of house. Last year of residence.

Anderson 3.jpg

2003 - New shingles and ceiling reinforcements placed.

Anderson 4.jpg

2006 - Porch rebuilt and installed.

2008 - Exterior prepared for paint


2008 - Lena's Garden restarted.

Anderson 5.jpg

2011 - Exterior painting begun.

Anderson 6.jpg

2016 - Exterior painting finished.

Anderson 7.jpg

Front view today.

Future Plans:

Painting upkeep

Install windows

Clean out interior 

Plaster and painting of interior

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